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What is Shareor?

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What are the benefits of Shareor?

Shareor helps teachers collaborate more easily and better engage with their colleagues. Shareor also helps teachers share information across their organizations, resulting in valuable time and cost-saving benefits.



About Shareor:

Shareor, a free social networking platform for teachers is an initiative designed to simplify communications between teachers. As the first online social network designed exclusively for teachers, Shareor empowers educators to share, collaborate, and connect within the teacher community.

Teachers use Shareor to plan their lessons, organize projects, collaborate with colleagues and promote student work online. Teachers can also browse lesson plans created by other teachers to discover new things as well as get inspired from other teachers' interests.

Shareor is an initiative of a group of teachers and is made possible through the generosity of private funders and community partners. The platform is safe, private and secure.

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